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Product Description:

The magician displays a small black box embossed with a golden image of a raven. Inside, an ancient heirloom - the RavenStone - a black metal claw holding a golden sphere in its talons, hangs from the end of a black cord. The RavenStone is entrusted to a spectator to hold, while other members of the audience write the names of living persons on slips of paper; all but one, who secretly writes the name of someone who is dead on the paper they hold. The papers are shuffled and handed to the magician face down, who then distributes them randomly on the table. The RavenStone is now suspended over each slip of paper - and in time, one paper jumps up and attaches itself to the talisman! The magician, having never seen the writing on any of the slips, reveals the one chosen by the talisman to be the only slip with the name of a dead person on it!

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