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My Box Of Magic - Masterclass Edition

The Night Academy is proud to introduce MY BOX OF MAGIC, a subscription box magic academy featuring monthly selections of hand-selected props, tutorials and effects for serious students of magic aged 8-80 years old.

Month-to-month subscriptions are only $75 per box, and include video-based instruction and a LIVE streaming masterclass each month!


1. Enroll!

Start receiving professional quality magic props and online training from a world famous magician!

2. Blow Minds!

When you want more than a "magic set". This is a mixture of easy, out-of-the-box miracles as well as conjuring feats that will require a bit of practice!

3. Look in the Mailbox!

You'll have a live coaching session and a month to master all of the amazing tricks - then, BAM! A new box of mysteries arrives! 

Isn't life great?

Get started with Box #1

We decided to kick things off with a bang! 

Your first box will include some of our favorite, original tricks like Happymoji - a visual stunner where emojis transform right before your eyes, The Specimen - small alien creatures vanish, reappear and multiply in the hands of your audience, NightCaps - sleight-of-hand training with custom bottle caps, and our very own Night Academy deck of cards - professional quality cards scaled down to fit smaller hands! Plus, easy to master card tricks and your introduction to legerdemain and prestidigitation.

Are you ready to amaze?

Customers Are Amazed!

We've only just begun, but the reviews are already flowing in:

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How often will I get this box?

Each month, for the length of your subscription, you'll get a box filled with professional magic props and secret access to online training videos, plus a live online class! Boxes will be shipped out on or about the tenth of each month.

Is it hard to learn magic?

Some tricks you'll be able to perform within minutes of opening the box! That doesn't mean they aren't amazing, they are just easier to perform. Other tricks will require the student to take some time and practice, secretly, away from prying eyes! Like any art, the more you try the better your results will be.

What's in the box?

Each box contains 3-5 high quality magic tricks or pieces of conjuring apparatus (professional equipment used by magicians like a close-up pad, an exotic wood wand, or a secret device). In addition, there are numerous secret video tutorials showing performance and training for each of the tricks - plus extra tricks using items found around the house. As a special bonus for students, each subscription comes with a build-as-you-go Secret Dossier to hold your magic history collectible cards and secret passwords!